Special Needs Mediation

The well-being of your kid or teen is of the utmost importance to you as a parent. Children and adolescents with special educational needs (commonly known as “PSN”) often require the assistance of an experienced, impartial mediator to resolve conflicts regarding the best course of action to satisfy their requirements.

Local governments are required by law to offer PSN mediation and conflict resolution to parents, caregivers, and youth.

We are a seasoned PSN dispute resolution and mediation firm that will —

  • Make it easier for the parties to communicate and comprehend each other
  • Solutions that fulfil the requirements of all parties involved, especially the kid, should be pursued and achieved.


When a relationship ends, it is unpleasant and challenging, and this is made considerably more difficult when children are involved.
There are important decisions to be made regarding the future, including decisions about joint parenting of your children, financial decisions, and where everyone will reside.
Professional, confidential, and supportive family mediation is an important tool in assisting people in making these decisions in a professional, confidential, and helpful environment. National Family Mediation Service UK

Mediation Advice

Our Mediation Adviser gives realistic, unbiased information on mediation and will answer any questions you may have.
To appeal to the Tribunal, you must first acquire mediation guidance (there are some exceptions to this). Then you can decide whether to appeal to the Tribunal or first try to address the issue through mediation. Contact our Mediation Adviser on 077 3350 5096 or
Instead, the Mediation Adviser will offer you a certificate so you can file your Appeal.


If you prefer to attempt mediation first, our PSN Case Manager will set up the mediation in a neutral venue within 30 days of notifying the Local Authority.
Mediation is a confidential process that helps you resolve conflicts quickly and amicably with the support of a neutral third party, a mediator. The mediator does not judge or enforce a solution, but ensures that you and the Local Authority agree on one. Our trained mediators will explain the procedure and help both parties understand the issues. You can bring a supporter to the mediation, but it is not normally required.
The Mediation Adviser will give a certificate within three working days of the mediation ending, which you can use to file an appeal with the Tribunal if all concerns are not addressed. Finance-Related Mediation Bristol
When cases are filed with the Tribunal after mediation, the Tribunal will decide the matter based on the facts. The Tribunal may cover comparable territory to the mediator, but will reach its own conclusions. Given that mediation is a private procedure, the Tribunal will ignore any offers or comments made during mediation. A partial agreement reached through mediation can assist concentrate future appeals to the Tribunal on the remaining areas of disagreement.
Contact our PSN Case Manager at 077 3350 5096 or

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Disagreement Resolution arrangements

Our dispute resolution programme is open to all parents of PSN children and adolescents, not only those being assessed for or with an EHC Plan. It is intended to settle health and social care conflicts throughout the EHC needs assessments and EHC plans procedures.
Disagreement resolution is a non-adversarial means of settling difficulties. Our skilled mediators will clarify the steps.
If the meeting does not address all difficulties, you can appeal to the Tribunal later. Using dispute resolution services does not affect your right to appeal to the Tribunal.
Any offers or remarks made during these sessions shall be ignored by the Tribunal.
Contact our PSN Case Manager at 077 3350 5096 or

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